Rally Championship car fun

"Rally Championship" refers to a series of rally video games that feature a realistic depiction of the sport of rallying. These games typically feature a selection of licensed vehicles, various weather conditions and challenging tracks that simulate driving on different surfaces such as gravel, asphalt and mud. The games emphasize authentic driving physics and often offer both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Here is a list of games released up to my last update in April 2023:

1. Rally Championship (1994): An early game in the series, developed by Magnetic Fields and published for the Amiga and DOS.

2. Network Q RAC Rally Championship (1996): Also developed by Magnetic Fields, this game was released for the PC and set new standards in graphics and realism for ;r rally games of the time.

3. International Rally Championship (1997): A sequel that focuses on international rally events.


4. Rally Championship Xtreme (2001): Released for the PC, this game brought updated graphics and new tracks.

5. Rally Championship (2002): A title for the PlayStation 2 that was often praised for its challenging gameplay mechanics and realistic driving physics.

6. Mobil 1 Rally Championship (1999): Known for its detailed routes and sophisticated controls, this game was released for PC and PlayStation.

7. World Rally Championship (Series): This series, which originally started under the name "Rally Championship", developed into its own brand. It includes several titles specifically aimed at the World Rally Championship, released on various consoles and PCs.

8. Other spin-offs and regional versions: In addition, there were various spin-offs and regional versions, some of which were published under different names, but belong to the Rally Championship series.


An image of the game Rally Championship