Snake fun for everyone

"Snake" is a classic video game that originally became popular in the late 1970s. The main goal of the game is to control the snake and make it grow by eating dots on the screen. Each point makes the snake grow longer and the game becomes more difficult because there is a risk of the snake touching itself or the wall.

The game has seen many iterations and variations over the years, from simple 2D versions to more modern 3D implementations. Here is a list of all the games in the "Snake" series:

1. "Blockade" (1976) - The original game that introduced the concept of "Snake".
2. "Worm" (1978) - An early variant of "Snake" that became popular on home computers.
3. "Nibbler" (1982) - An arcade version of "Snake", known for its challenge and high scores.
4. "Snake" (Nokia Phones) - One of the most famous versions of "Snake" that came pre-installed on Nokia phones.
5. "Snake Xenzia" - An updated version of "Snake" for newer mobile phones.
6. "" (2016) - A multiplayer online game that combines traditional "Snake" gameplay with a new twist.

Each version of "Snake" offers unique challenges and play styles, but all share the same basic principle and goal. It's a game that requires skill, quick reflexes and strategic thinking and has entertained players of all ages for decades.