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"Brian The Lion" is a classic platform game that puts players in the role of the courageous lion Brian. The game features a variety of levels that Brian must traverse to save his friends and restore peace to the jungle.

Lineup of all games:
- Jungle Jihad: Brian navigates through dense vegetation and overcomes natural obstacles.
- Cave Havoc: Dark caves full of dangers await us Heroes.
- Mountain mission: Dizzying heights and dangerous abysses must be overcome.
- Underwater adventure: Brian dives into the depths of the ocean to find his... Save friends.
- Final battle: An epic battle against the evil king of the beasts.

Each level is carefully designed and offers unique challenges and enemies. Players must demonstrate skill and quick reflexes to accompany Brian on his mission. With colorful graphics and a catchy soundtrack, "Brian The Lion" is a game that will delight young and old alike.


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