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Alfred Chicken is a fun and adventurous platform game originally developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game follows the protagonist Alfred, a brave chicken who sets out on a journey to rescue his kidnapped friends and defy the evil Meka-Chickens.

Players navigate through a series of levels filled with challenges, enemies and puzzles. Each level offers unique environments, from lush forests to dangerous underwater worlds. Players must jump deftly, overcome obstacles and defeat enemies to progress.

Alfred Chicken stands out for its colorful graphics, catchy soundtrack and engaging gameplay. It has seen several successors and re-releases on various platforms over the years, including the PlayStation and Game Boy.

Games in the Alfred Chicken series:


- Alfred Chicken (Amiga)
- Alfred Chicken (NES)
- Super Alfred Chicken (SNES)
- Alfred Chicken (Game Boy)
- Alfred's Adventure (Game Boy Color)
- Alfred Chicken (PlayStation)

Each game builds on the success of the previous one and introduces new elements and improvements that enrich the gaming experience. Fans of the original and new players alike will enjoy the charming world of Alfred Chicken and his exciting adventures.

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