Hugo fun game

Hugo is a classic video game originally released in the 1990s. It is based on the TV show of the same name and has spawned a variety of games over the years. Here is a comprehensive list of all Hugo games released to date:

1. Hugo (1990) - The original game that laid the foundation for the series.
2. Hugo 2 (1991) - A sequel that introduces new levels and challenges.
3. Hugo 3: Jungle Island (1992) - Hugo's adventures take him to an exotic island.
4. Hugo's House of Horrors (1993) - A spooky adventure in a haunted house.
5. Hugo - On the Way to the Himalayas (1994) - A journey through different countries in search of Hugo's family.
6. Hugo and the Secret of the Kikurian Sunstone (1995) - An adventure exploring ancient civilizations.
7. Hugo: Black Diamond Fever (2005) - A more modern game with improved graphics and gameplay.

Each of these games offers a unique experience with different themes and challenges. The series is known for its entertaining characters, compelling stories, and engaging players in interactive decisions.

Hugo remains a popular game for all ages and is an important part of video game history.


An image of the game Hugo